Our Youth Prevention Comic book was strategically developed for ages 12 and up to help empower them against potential predators. This Manga style comic book is educational as well as engaging. The storyline educates our youth about the red flags of:

  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Emotional manipulation
  • Dangers of social media
  • Dangers of running away
  • Tactics predators use to lure victims in
  • Physical abuse
  • and much more

We also have a leader’s guide that highlight and emphasize what these red flags are and how they are used. It’s an interactive guide that shows the danger actions and then asks what do you do? This empowers our youth not only to understand unhealthy red flags but also empowers them to know what to do if they come across it, or one of their friends do.

Comic Book for Human Trafficking Awareness

There is also full youth education curriculum that is designed specifically for educators, that interweaves modern day slavery (human trafficking) with the history of slavery. This program can be used as an additive to traditional history curriculum for middle school age youth in public, private, or in homeschool settings.

Our Youth Prevention comic book is now available for purchase for just $5 each

We now have available for purchase our Youth Prevention Leaders Guide for just $7 each

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