We provide awareness and education

Beauty Will Rise is dedicated to raising awareness and bring education to the fore front about human trafficking. We speak in many different venues to the community, parents, youth, community personnel, and school educators about the gaps of vulnerability that leave our youth at risk. We dispel myths about human trafficking and bring a source of empowerment to those learning. We are here to shine a light on this dark subject exposing the tactics predators use and diminish fear of this epidemic. Our goal is to replace ignorance and fear with understanding and assurance we have the ability to protect our youth and fight this epidemic. We can’t do everything, but everyone CAN do SOMETHING.

We focus on the development of youth prevention programs and parental education.

We have come to understand that we are behind the game in rescuing victims from human trafficking. We want to get ahead of the game. Beauty Will Rise has created a youth prevention comic book that educates our youth on the red flags and possible dangers that can lead to human trafficking. It is coupled with a leaders guide to help deepen the discussion and really talk about what to do in sticky situations. We also have a parent book that helps teach parent how to become the largest influence in their child life and close the gap of vulnerability where predators may try to creep in.

We support the transition and recovery process of rescued victims

When officials rescue victims where do they go? Sometimes law enforcement has a place and plan for this but if they don’t we step in. We help transitions victims back home (if it is safe) or into a long term recovery program. We also help fund things like trauma therapy, education, and other needs for organizations that provide longterm care for recovering victims.

We support the transition long term recovery needs and programs for trafficked victims

Beauty Will Rise partners with and supports other trafficking organizations and long term recovery facilities. We finically support the recovery and rehabilitation process for recovering survivors. Getting isn’t easy but getting healthy is even harder. We are hear to help and support the brave ones who have chosen to recover and grow.


Join the fight!

We can’t do this without your support, so thank you for leading the fight with us to help expose this epidemic!
Beauty Will Rise is a non profit 501c3, so all of your donations are tax deductible. Giving is easy! 100% of all proceeds are used to help cloth, feed, lodge, and transition victims while in our care. It also helps in our endeavor to educate the public and youth about human trafficking.

If you are interested in hosting a fundraising or educational event for Beauty Will Rise, we would love to work with you! We would also love to be your charity of choice to highlight for any upcoming community events that may be happening.

Book a Speaker

Have one of our educators come to your next event. We will laugh, learn, and walk away ready to bring change.


Volunteer for BeautyWillRise.org

Become a virtual volunteer! This is one of the most flexible way of volunteering and making a difference! Beauty Will Rise does so many things via the web and we can always use a helping hand! We send out emails, make volunteer lists and sign ups, have website updates, blog posts, administration work, and so much more. If you have the time and the desire we can use you! Volunteer in your pajamas, it doesn’t get any easier or better then that!


Beauty Will Rise has merchandise that you can purchase. 100% of all precedes go back into helping our victims. You can give and raise awareness all at the same time! Each shirt, hoodie, or mug can be a topic of conversation to help educate others and shine the light on the epidemic of Human Trafficking.

They say time is your most valuable asset. You can give it away but you can never get it back. Giving of your time by volunteering is so valuable to us! We need volunteers to help with our transition house, a safe place to stay with food, clothing, and all the basic they will need until we can reunite them with trusted family members.

Host an Event

If you are interested in hosting a fundraising or educational event for Beauty Will Rise, we would love to work with you! We would also love to be your charity of choice to highlight for any upcoming community events that may be happening.

BeautyWillRise.org - Fighting Human Trafficking

Baytown PDFor the past 2 years, the family violence unit has worked directly with this organization, and considers them to be a God send. From providing shelter, clothing, transportation and a number of other behind the scenes necessities, they have become our “go to” organization for support. Each and every time they render aid to someone, it is done with grace and compassion, so that the recipient never feels as if they are a burden in any way. This organization is always dependable, straightforward and honest. Beauty Will Rise is considered to be a respectable organization, run on integrity and skill.
Beauty Will Rise plays a unique role in our community, providing both goods and services that without them, this area would be at a huge (loss) disadvantage.   They seem to operate on a belief that “it is right” that these services should exist not just in this area, but where ever there is a need, because everyone “have a right” to such services. An organization is only as strong as its members, and they are a group of dedicated individuals. I look forward to working with them on other projects in the future.
– Cheryl McClarity, Special Victims Unit Baytown Police Department

Multi-County Interagency Coalition Against Sexual AssaultMICSA had the wonderful opportunity to have Beauty Will Rise present on the topic of Human Trafficking at one of our MICSA Conferences. Dorothy and Rose were informative, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable about the topic and offered our members a vast awareness of information, referrals, and overall guidance on how to help victims and survivors of human trafficking. Since majority of our members assist victims and survivors of sexual assault, it is great to have Beauty Will Rise as a resource not only as an educator for the community through presentations and awareness, but also as an advocacy center. Our members now have the opportunity to contact Beauty Will Rise if they need assistance with their clients or cases. MICSA thanks Beauty Will Rise for being available to not only educate our members but also help in fighting for justice and recovery for victims of trafficking.