Up Coming Events for Beauty Will Rise

Beauty Will Rise is now booking education and training sessions for 2020.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can fight human trafficking we are here for you! We train the general public, parents, youth, and community leaders on the dangers of human trafficking and empower them with what to do if you think you have come across it.

Protecting our community and our youth takes you and me, together, to become educated and educate others. We can’t do it all and we can’t do it alone. But we can all do something!

Please contacts to request speaker at your next community event, parenting conference, or youth rally.

Beauty Will Rise believes in and is committed to empowering our communities and families against human trafficking. We hold community wide education events dispelling the myths of trafficking and helping you be aware of what is happening around you. We also have specialized education sessions for parents and youth. Teaching parents how to protect their children and youth and empowering youth to protect themselves and others. Request a speaker for your next event today.

If you are a educator, medical personnel, law official, or community leader and would like our educators to come and speak to your staff, employees, or volunteers, please let us know. We we have specialized trainings for each field to train you on what to look for in identifying a potential trafficking victim and how to respond in that situation. Empower your employees today!