National Human Trafficking Hotline:1-888-373-7888


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We provide Awareness and Education sessions for

  • The General Public
  • Police Officials
  • Medical Personnel
  • Education Professionals

We believe that awareness and education are the best tools we have in preventing human trafficking from growing. 


Youth Prevention

cover-sm Beauty Will Rise is launching a youth prevention program. We have teamed with to develop an age appropriate comic book to raise awareness for middle school to high school youth. This comic book shows the manipulation tactics that predators use to lure potential victims in. This fun manga style comic/coloring book can stand alone to empower youth to make good decisions, or used with our instructor's discussion guide. The instructor's guide highlights "red flags"to facilitate in depth discussions and teach what to do when you see them.

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Transition Victims

Beauty [Will] Rise

We help transition victims rescued by officials back to their families or enter into a long term rehabilitation program. We have a transition home where victims and BWR First Responders stay while make arrangements for their transition into a healthier life. It costs approximately $500 per victim to transition. 




BWR Hit the Road with A21 – Freedom Walk

On Saturday the 15th, of October many volunteers across the world walked together in a display of unity against sex trafficking. Beauty Will Rise Joined the Fight against sex trafficking along with as many as 300 or more individuals. We are a local non - profit...
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Community Event – Baytown TX

Community Event - Baytown Texas BWR is partnering with Baytown Crime Stoppers and the Baytown Police Dept. to bring together a community event that will educate and bring awareness as well as give tips on how to handle a situation should one occur. Awareness and Tip...
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A21 Walk

Join Us in Leading the Fight against Human and Sex Trafficking Pick an event and do your part     A21 Walk for Freedom event - sign up -...
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Hear the story of Karla

This is the story of Karla, catch all the red flags and better understand how easy it is to lure a child into human/sex trafficking. Karla was 5 years old when she encountered her first abuser. Read more about it here:...
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Join the Fight and Volunteer at Fireworks Stand June 24-July4

Help out this year with a Bang!!! Join Us as we run the stand and raise funds for the rehabilitation of victims! We earn a percentage of everything we sell, so YOUR time means MONEY to fight human trafficking! We are in need of volunteers to work at our INDOOR...
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Better Neighbors in Houston March 29, Discussing Human Trafficking

Texas Impact is coming to Houston to talk about programs to help strengthen our community! Time: Tuesday, March 29, 2016 Place: John Wesley United Methodist Church, 5830 Bermuda Dunes Drive, Houston, TX 77069 RSVP: Free admission. Facebook Event or contact Scott Atnip...
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Beauty Will Rise plays a unique role in our community, providing both goods and services that without them, this area would be at a huge (loss) disadvantage... Read More

Cheryl McClarity

Special Victims Unit, Baytown Police Department

Dorothy and Rose were informative, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable about the topic and offered our members a vast awareness of information, referrals, and overall guidance on how to help victims and survivors of human trafficking... Read More

Carrie Enriquez

Vice President , MICSA

"The Freedom Collection"


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