This is all too real

This is actually a personal story that I want to share on a situation that occurred earlier this week. As many of you might know one of the board members is a foster parent and she houses and loves on 6 foster kids right now. She was called earlier this week for an...
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Arrests made, victims rescued in large human trafficking ring bust

Police continue to search for person of interest Author: Gianna Caserta, Reporter, Lea Wilson, Digital News Editor Published On: Nov 06 2015 12:32:03 PM CST Updated 51 m Print Arrests made, victims rescued in large human trafficking ring...
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Baytown Sun: Beauty Will Rise

The Baytown Sun did an article on Beauty Will Rise and the upcoming event that we are doing. In this article, our President Dorothy Strouhal stated many facts about the silent epidemic that is happening in the local suburb areas. Rose Bolt was mentioned also stating...
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Lost Girls – Texas Monthly

If you want to read about a couple of girls that came to Houston seeking a new life, this is a great story that was given by our very own Texas Monthly Issue… Read more by clicking on the link:...
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FBI Sting spotlights         Email address: Volunteer Interests: Product Selling Passing out literature Internet Research Helping with the Newsletter Grant Writing Interested in Volunteering...
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Top Story: Camas Teen

              CAMAS, Wash. – A Camas teen left a chilling message in her journal before she vanished on June 23rd. “If you’re reading this, I’m either missing or dead” Anji Dean’s parents told KGW Monday they’re shocked and scared...
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Top Stories: Prostitution, Drug leads to raid!

              An undercover raid on two north Harris County businesses late Thursday resulted in more than a dozen arrests, including a suspect wanted for murder in El Salvador, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office....
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Top Stories: SPA and Prostitution!

              The sign on the front of the two-story office building said “Palm Trees Spa,” but police suspected something else was going on inside the business. Undercover Harris County deputy constables found four women...
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Top Stories: Mother Shuts Down Prostitution Ring in Houston!

              A Houston mother goes up against alleged criminals and shuts down an area prostitution ring. The mom also, in turn, found and saved her missing 16 year old daughter. The mom was on-line and actually saw an ad for an...
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Top Stories: Leader of human smuggling sentenced!

              The leader of a local human smuggling organization and three others have been sentenced for their roles in a conspiracy to transport or harbor undocumented aliens, announced U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson, Southern...
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We provide Awareness and Education sessions for

  • The General Public
  • Police and Medical Professionals
  • Youth Awareness and Prevention Curriculum

We believe that awareness and education are the best tools we have in preventing human trafficking from growing. 


Raising Funds



We raise funds through donations and by selling items that raise awareness. Beauty Will Rise is a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible. It takes approximately $500 to transition a victim. Victims usually come with no clothing, no personal items, and no money. We provide them with basic necessities, food, lodging, and transportation while in our care. 


Transition Victims

Beauty [Will] Rise

We help transition victims rescued by officials back to their families or enter into a long term rehabilitation program. We have a transition home where victims and BWR First Responders stay while make arrangements for their transition into a healthier life.