National Human Trafficking Hotline:1-888-373-7888


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We provide Awareness and Education sessions for

  • The General Public
  • Police Officials
  • Medical Personnel
  • Education Professionals

We believe that awareness and education are the best tools we have in preventing human trafficking from growing. 

Youth Prevention

cover-sm Beauty Will Rise is launching a youth prevention program. We have teamed with to develop an age appropriate comic book to raise awareness for middle school to high school youth. This comic book shows the manipulation tactics that predators use to lure potential victims in. This fun manga style comic/coloring book can stand alone to empower youth to make good decisions, or used with our instructor's discussion guide. The instructor's guide highlights "red flags"to facilitate in depth discussions and teach what to do when you see them.


Beauty [Will] Rise

We finacially support the development of youth prevention programs, educational events, and support in the transition and recovery process of victims. 







Beauty Will Rise plays a unique role in our community, providing both goods and services that without them, this area would be at a huge (loss) disadvantage... Read More

Cheryl McClarity

Special Victims Unit, Baytown Police Department

Dorothy and Rose were informative, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable about the topic and offered our members a vast awareness of information, referrals, and overall guidance on how to help victims and survivors of human trafficking... Read More

Carrie Enriquez

Vice President , MICSA

Nobody’s Property: Shedding light on human trafficking

© Getty Images Those who meet Asia Graves today are typically struck by her self-assuredness and strength. Nothing in her demeanor or speech hints at the darkness and trauma of her past. The only noticeable clue is the deep scar on her cheek, one that was gouged into...

Fireworks Fundraising Event, June 24 – July 5

Join us at our air conditioned fireworks warehouse superstore! This is a great way to give back to the community and volunteer with us. Proceeds from the stand will help fund our human trafficking youth prevention program. What will I be doing? Working a 3 hour shift...

New Volunteer Opportunity Houston’s Ultimate Woman’s EXPO

If you are interested in volunteering with us for this Huge event, please Click on the link and sign-up if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Facing the Fight so that Beauty Will Rise

Beauty Will Rise has partnered with Your Makeup Expert to raise fund in the fight against human trafficking in a new and beautiful way. Your Makeup Expert has created a makeup line called the "Freedom Collection". This high end makeup line was created so that the...

How do fireworks help victims?

IT'S PERSONAL Many have asked this same question. Remembering one victims that comes to mind is about a woman that we will call "Ashley". Ashley was introduced to Beauty Will Rise by the local PD. She was reluctant to talk to us and didn't speak English. After...

Merry Christmas

Beauty Will Rise Wants to say Merry Christmas to all of You! As we begin to celebrate this time of year with family and friends, we ask each of you to say a small prayer for our victims that are still out there, that also desire to be with their family and friends. We...