of endangered runaways reported are likely sex trafficking victims

Beauty Will Rise is dedicated to educating the general public, police and medical professionals, and bring prevention awareness to our youth about the signs and dangers of human trafficking. We provide education sessions on

  • what human trafficking looks like in the US vs. Foreign
  • how to identify it
  • what to do once it’s identified
  • how to spot red flags to help prevent new victims
  • And much more

We are dedicated to exposing this underground epidemic and education is key.

We would love to come and speak to

  • community leaders
  • school teachers, administration, couselors
  • police departments officials
  • medical personnel
  • youth and church groups.

Our goal not only is to help rescued victims but PREVENT any new ones!

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of your donations are used to help a victim or support education

Beauty Will Rise is a 501c3 non profit organization. We raise fund to help educate the public as well as transition rescued victims into the next stage of life. Once a victim is rescued, we help determine if they have a family that is safe to go to and if so reunite them. This means giving them a safe place to stay in our transition house with food, clothing, and all the basic they will need until we can reunite them. We also pay for the travel to reunite or to enter in a long term rehabilitation program. Transitioning a victim that is with us on average runs $500(if airfare is not needed).

All resources to educate and transition victims are from your giving and donations. We have so many ways you can give! We always need:

  • Monetary donations
  • Services
  • Volunteers

If you would like to learn more about how you can give here is the link to our giving page.

We can’t do this without your support, so thank you for leading the fight with us to help expose this epidemic!


of human trafficking in the US is sex trafficking

Beauty Will Rise transitions rescued victims once they are rescued. When officials rescue victims where do they go? We provide a safe comfortable environment so that victims can rest and recover from what they have just been through. We either help reunite the victim with their family (if safe and healthy) or we help set them up to enter into a long term rehabilitation program designed for human trafficking victims. We cover all of the cost from food, clothing, hygiene, to transportation and medical services if needed.

Check out the ways you can help and volunteer, including becoming a first responder.

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